CleanHouse 2000, The All-Green Power Cleaning System


What We Do

Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification●  Featuring Our Super Powerful Truck Mounted Extraction System Carpet Cleaning that is All Green Of Course!
Our new Power Burst Deep Carpet Cleaning (all green, of course) will be the deepest cleaning procedure you will ever experience! Owner Mike Riley guarantees it! NO skipped steps, thorough, and a quick dry technique. I.I.C.R.C Certified and insured.
●  CleanHouse 2000 Fine Fabric and Upholstery Cleaning Program
Hand cleaned delicates, leather, or any upholstery. Oriental rugs cleaned, picked up, and delivered back to you. Draperies cleaned on site. We are I.I.C.R.C Certified upholstery professionals. Call for an inspection.
●  CleanHouse 2000 Hard Surface Renewal
All tile floors, grout, VCT tile, and old linoleum can all be steam cleaned and re-finished! Get off of your knees... we will show you how to keep your hard floors looking good!
●  CleanHouse 2000 Pet Decontamination Program
If you have pets, this is simple. Get our Pet-De Packet. We do it, we study it, we are equipped for it. Just call - there is much to learn (for you).
●  CleanHouse 2000 Water Damage and Mold Remediation
No need to call anyone else. We are certified I.I.C.R.C Water Damage Restoration Specialists. We have state of the art drying equipment and can respond to you very fast. (Call us for even a small amount of water intrusion.) The do-it-yourself technique will not work.
●  CleanHouse 2000 Allergy Cleaning and Treatment Program and Household Allergy Inspection
A complete cleaning product application for all fibers in your home, and the final application of the anti-allergen product (tested and approved) for dust-mite and pet dander sufferers.
●  CleanHouse 2000 Bacterial and Disinfection Program
For all residential, commercial, medical or health care accounts including public restrooms, locker rooms or other areas. Micro Ban Disinfection of carpeting, and quat compound treatment for hard surfaces. These prevent spread, and help eliminate micro organisms such as (HIVI) Hepatitis (A,B,C) and many other communicable diseases.
●  CleanHouse 2000 Real Estate Foreclosure Clean-Out
Complete vacant or foreclosed property clean-up and clean-out.
●  CleanHouse 2000 Spot and Stain Removal
Old stains, dye stains, problems and unknown stains can be reduced or hopefully eliminated. New procedures for urine stains show good results. Call us for an on-site evaluation.

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CleanHouse 2000 is I.I.C.R.C. Certified and Insured