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Getting A Price On Your Carpet Cleaning

Many people call us and ask, "How much do you charge for carpet cleaning?" We reply that the price is usually dependent on how many square feet you have, and sometimes what kind of condition the carpet is in. Most reply, "Oh, I have no idea about that." Cleaning charged by the room is very uninformative, and usually not fair for you. That leaves you very vulnerable to the bait and switch cleaners, adding more fees on when they get there.

Estimating square feet is simple and does not have to be accurate to the inch. That tells the cleaning company how large an area, or how many rooms you have. That will largely determine how long the cleaner will be there. Explain to the cleaner what condition your carpet is in and approximately when it was cleaned last. This will inform him of what to expect when arriving. Tell the cleaner how many rooms you have if you are not good at estimating square feet; he can estimate it for you.

Tell your cleaner all you can about your carpet so he will be prepared when arriving, and specifically, having a realistic and fairly accurate quote for you, with no surprises later.

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