CleanHouse 2000, The All-Green Power Cleaning System


The CleanHouse 2000 Guarantee

We have the pleasure of serving hundreds of regular and new customers year after year. We deliver 100% effort the first time, and every time, that we clean. If you're not happy, we will re-clean the area, or it's on me... with my sincere thanks. How can I make a guarantee like this? I'm on every job and service call personally to make sure!

Your Good Word / Referrals

If you are satisfied with our services, we offer excellent incentives for your referral and good word. We value it as our real life line for our business. Our new 2011 Green Coupon gives you gifts, cleanings, or cash if you like, for referrals. Any kind of referral - friends, relatives, businesses you frequent, churches, offices, or any other place. You get the referral fee and your referral gets a discount coupon! We get a new customer...

Referrals now make up approximately 50% of our new business!


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CleanHouse 2000 is I.I.C.R.C. Certified and Insured

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